2018 Pontiac Trans AM in the Works, Plans To Build 2018 Trans Am

2018 Pontiac Trans AM in the Works, Plans To Build 2018 Trans Am
In 1967 the Chevrolet Camaro debuted. Five months later came the Pontiac Trans Am. The Trans Am shared the same basic design as it's relative the Camaro only "Pontiac-ized". Different badging, of course, and a few front and rear end modifications. This held true with the Trans AM until the very end of production for the two F-body muscle cars.

So there's no surprise that when the Chevrolet Camaro concept was announced that muscle car and Trans AM fanatics started screaming Trans AM. It's only natural, right? Well, think again. The chances of a new Firebird are still alive, but they're on life support.

Pontiac is dubbed the "excitement" division for General Motors, so it's only fitting that the brand have it's own muscle car but inside the Pontiac camp it's a battle between re-introducing the iconic Trans AM or going more towards the path they took with the new GTO in 2005. As it stands, the GTO is winning out.

Pontiac feels as a whole that the days of simply re-badging a car and sharing the same platform across two brands are over, and even if a new 2018 Trans Am was introduced it would be completely unique and nothing like the 2018 Camaro that we see today. As a muscle car fan, and a guy who yearns for the old days, that deeply disappoints me as I'm sure it does many others who have been hoping for Pontiac's version of the Trans AM to surface.

Since I was a child growing up I've always had a soft spot in my heart for fast, good looking cars and the Camaro and especially the Trans AM were two cars that I always told my friends I would one day own. I'm extremely psyched about the 2018 Camaro, don't get me wrong, but I've always just simply preferred the Firebird and Trans Am. Just call me a fan of the "Pontiac-ized" style.

But alas, regardless of a new 2018 Trans AM being on the horizon, at least us muscle car fans still have the Camaro to enjoy, and the Mustang and Challenger are as great as ever. As for us seeing a 2017 or 2018 Trans AM, all we can really do is keep our fingers crossed. If the Camaro keeps selling like it is and interest remains high in the car, Pontiac would find themselves losing out on a lot of potential income and the possibility of them rethinking their position is always there.