2018 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am: The Legend Reborn?

2018 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am: The Legend Reborn?

The 'Trans Am' package was offered with the Firebird and became part of the Pontiac line-up for more than three decades, ending production in 2002.

But one American company wants to bring the iconic 2018 Pontiac Trans Am back, and it's creating a lot of talk - some of it positive, some of it not.

Last month Chevrolet unleashed what was one of the most highly anticipated cars in North America in decades, the 2018 model Pontiac Trans AM.

Having received largely positive reviews from the U.S. media - some of the credit should be attributed to the car's Australian chassis development that was carried out by Holden - the new generation 2018 Trans Am  is one of the few bright spots for Pontiac at the moment.

And this new 2018 Trans Am could also be the donor car for a next generation Pontiac Trans Am, which is being proposed by an American outfit called ASC Creative Services.

The company has come up with a conversion kit of what the new 2018 car could look like, and has created both joy and angst amongst die-hard Trans Ammers.